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Just got this haircut, professional-looking pics coming soon!

While I was studying my master’s degree, I spent countless hours reading and writing about women, victimized women, imprisoned women, frustrated women, trafficked women, subjugated and voiceless women; women from all corners of the world that were victims of different circumstances.  In turn, all of these accounts were often re-told by strong women who devoted their lives to giving back each and every one of the basic human rights these women were ripped off: women who fought for and achieved the right to vote, women who spoke for the voiceless during times of crisis, women who were empowered matriarchs in their societies, making decisions placing womanhood at the center of different dialogues.  I was fascinated by these stories, all of them, the good, the bad and the ugly because they all served a purpose for the collective history and memory of women.


After I finished writing my thesis, I promised myself I would tell stories of women of my time who set an example for others, women who are accomplished, empowered, leading, innovating, discovering, and moving this world forward; I do this with the hope that the inspiration, when shared, will multiply.


I was born in Puerto Rico.  I have traveled a bit, but have moved around more.  I spent some months living in Block Island, lived in Barcelona for some time, on the Mediterranean island of Menorca for a few years, then New York…  I realized some of my friends had 4-5 different telephone numbers for me and I had changed zip codes 4 times within a 3-year period!  That’s when I decided to move to Miami where I have been living for almost three years now.  I have always lived by the ocean, with the exception of NYC, where the Hudson made up for that Fear of Missing the Ocean I have 😉  I do yoga, try to meditate often and stopped eating meat a year ago.

I hope you enjoy these interviews, this is a passion project for me.  Without much effort, I can visualize the amazing forms this can and hopefully will take, and it is very exciting!

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