About Femelist

Departing from Simon Sinek’s discussion about how Great Leaders Inspire Action, and his golden circle, here is my explanation of Why Femelist exists, How it works and What it consists of:

W  h  y?

Believing that every woman is a powerful being, Femelist exists to spread inspiration through the stories of accomplished females succeeding in different fields.

I have spent an important part of my life researching about women, on a personal as well as an academic level.  Academically, I completed a Master’s degree in Anthropology at Columbia University, where I gained solid theoretical knowledge of gender and feminist studies. I’ve studied women from different corners of the world, from Korean shamans who exorcised spirits and Latino academics who have influenced the media world, to South African women who denounced Apartheid, and British suffragettes.  It was truly a delight, I felt fueled, inspired as if their voices and superpowers were absorbed by every single cell of my body as I read about them.  Everything they did, was not only to change their own lives but also to improve the lives of all women following them, to  improve all of our lives.  On a personal level, I spend hours observing, researching and learning about stories of women who have chosen a life that is truthful to their highest self.  Because of this passion, Femelist exists.

W  h  a  t      i  s     i  t     a  b  o  u  t  ?

Femelist is a catalogue of inspiration.

It inspires & empowers through interviews, through getting to know how these women think and make decisions. It includes and invites the entrepreneur, the mother, the leader, the non-quitter, the writer, the blogger, the scientist, the artist, the musician, the sports player,  the lawyer; in sum, the go-getter.


Image source: Rachel Maser (cleanfoodcrush)

H  o  w   d  o  e  s    F e m e l i s t  w o r k  ?

I do my research online, in life, just everywhere I go, I observe, collect business cards, I read, inquire, and connect.  I am in a constant search for the inspiring story, that event, that conversation, that song, that moment in which I will see that spark I’m looking for.

There are two types of interviewees root interviewees, and nominees.  Root interviewees, I’ve discovered through my own research.  I create a list where I write down names and contact info of the women I consider inspiring.  These ladies nominate their friends or role models, and I interview them next, they become the nominees.  Femelist grows as a solid and beautifully crafted spider web, inspiring ladies leading to one another, each interviewee nominating the next.