Taylor Trudon: Youth Special Projects Editor, MTV

The saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe” appears to be true.  Taylor was nominated by her friend Emma.  Remember, Emma?  Taylor has been making waves in the media, and her work is hugely influential in the lives of many, particularly millennials  Taylor has been a TEDx speaker, she has presented at The White House as well as other major social media conferences.
After graduating from the University of Connecticut -where she studied journalism and women’s studies-, she held internships at Seventeen and O, The Oprah Magazine. Taylor was named one of the Most Influential Young Women of 2015 by Teen Vogue.  Before working with MTV, she ran HuffPost Teen at The Huffington Post, who named Taylor’s tweets among the funniest by women in 2016. Even Nicole Ritchie thinks she’s “really dope!”.

Taylor interviewing the Former First Lady, Michelle Obama

Where are you from? East Lyme, Connecticut
What or who inspired you to do what you do?
When I was in fifth grade, I watched the movie “Almost Famous” at a friend’s house and it was hugely influential in terms of planting the seed of making me want to pursue journalism. “Almost Famous” is inspired by Cameron Crowe’s real-life experiences as a teen reporter for Rolling Stone and I loved how it told the narrative of a 15-year-old music journalist, proving that there are no age limits when it comes to storytelling.

Women’s March, Los Angeles


It’s one of the reasons why I’ve spent my career working with young people and helping them to amplify their personal stories and thoughts on the topics that matter most to them. Teenagers are going to save the world — it’s just a matter of giving them the platforms and support to be heard.
If you had to choose, what would be the one message you think is more relevant for women of your generation nowadays?
Now more than ever — especially given this tough political climate — young women need to know that their voices and stories matter. People (namely, white heterosexual men on social media) will try to tell you otherwise, but when that happens, you just have to push to make yourself even louder.

London for TEDxTeen in 2016

How would you title your autobiography? “Can I Charge My Phone Here?”
What motto do you try to live by? Be hungry, not thirsty.
Do you have any rituals or daily practices that keep you focused? Multiple cups of coffee and a really good playlist.
What is your choice of each of…
A song: “No Name No. 5” by Elliott Smith
A place: My mom’s bed
A moment in your life: Interviewing First Lady Michelle Obama last year for College Signing Day.




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