Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodríguez: Founder of Latina Rebels

Anything with the words Latinas, Luchadoras, Sucias, Chonga, Mujerista, Malcriadas, Chingona and the combination of Female + Rebels, usually catches my attention to the point of obsession.  And obsess I did after discovering @latinarebels, a collective of 5 Latinas unveiling the complexities of Latina embodiment.  Founder Prisca Dorcas is a nonconformist Latina with extremely necessary unapologetic speech.  Immigrant, equality, struggle, deportation, graduation, familia, Brown, latinxgradcaps and sísepuede are some of the words/hashtags plastered around her page.  Meet Prisca…

What is your passion?I am a writer, and I am passionate in creating bridges between academic spaces and barrios.  I want people to have access to the books and knowledge, despite their own enrollment in said elite spaces.

Source: @latinarebels

Where are originally you from? Managua, Nicaragua!

31 (turning 32 in August)

As an accomplished writer and founder of Latina Rebels, what would you say is your purpose in life?

I hope to help people, I do not know if that is my purpose but I do know that I was a kid who had to fight way to hard to get to do what I do today – and people with similar contexts to mine should get it easier, it SHOULD be something that those that have come before them help fix.

What or who inspired you to do this?

Probably my own experiences.   My mami <3

What is your life’s most valuable life lesson?

That an education does not make me better than those without access to one, the entire system is racist and learning that it is not about how hard you try but how much you can outsmart the system – WHICH IS NOT EASY FEAT!   so those who can’t and don’t aren’t to blame, it is still the racist system in place that is to blame.

What was your first job out of college?

After college I went to graduate school, and after graduate school I started writing and have not stopped since.  May 2015 I graduated from graduate school, and August 2015 the Huffington Post was reaching out to me so that I would write for them.  By January I was writing for a few publications and freelancing full time.

Who would you have as a dinner guest?

My mami does not live close to me, so I would always kill to have her visit so I can cook for her.  my mami and my abuelita Rosa are people I have grown into appreciating, meaning the older I got the better I understood their pains, happiness, etc.  And now I wish I had more time with them.

What is your choice of each of the following:

A song: Pills and Potions has been on repeat on my playlist lately, I think it is mostly because it reminds me of a really sad point in my life and remembering those times and seeing how much I have grown is a feeling this song brings to mind.

A place: I love mi tierra natal.  Nicaragua is a beautiful country and I would love to explore it more with the eyes of someone who knows my ancestors were in those lands long long ago!

A moment in your life: I think I am still creating moments that will outdo some of the ones I currently cherish.










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