Emma Rose Gray: Executive Women’s Editor, The Huffington Post

During Emma’s time as the Executive Women’s Editor at The Huffington Post, the traffic has tripled within a year and the Facebook community has grown from 50K to 1.5 million.  She has appeared as an expert on TV shows including The Insider, the Today Show, Good Morning America & Entertainment Tonight.  Emma is also the co-host of the podcast “Here to Make Friends”.  The 29-year-old is originally from Silver Spring, Maryland and currently lives in Brooklyn.

What is a (work)day in your life like? Usually, it involves starting from my apartment by 8:30 a.m., looking at the news of the day and doling out assignments to myself and my team. Then the rest of the day is filled with writing, editing, and meetings. It’s not glamorous, but I love it. I have the most incredible team of women around me every single day. Currently, I am on a month of leave from HuffPost to work on a book about young women and activism. So my days are currently a bit less scheduled. I get up, go to yoga and then write for chunks of hours, spaced out with interviews and walks to get myself motivated. I usually write from The Wing.

What was your first job out of college? I worked writing directory listings for a hyper-local news site. It was totally uninspiring, but it allowed me time to write on the side and make connections. Plus, I worked with other overqualified young people, and I made (barely) enough money to live in New York.

What or who inspired you to do what you do? I’ve always found writing to be an incredible tool for processing the world around me. As someone who struggles with anxiety, writing feels like a necessary part of my decompression process. I feel better and more alive when I’ve written. Plus, reading women writers growing up and in college, like Nora Ephron and Joan Didion and bell hooks, helped me understand the world and myself better. So if I can potentially do that for someone else, even briefly, then there’s nothing I can imagine being more fulfilling.

Makers Town Hall

How would you title your autobiography? I Told My Therapist About You

As a major goal, what would you like the impact of your work to be? I hope I reach other young women and that those women connect to my words in some small positive way.

Here To Make Friends with Caila Quinn

What inspiring woman would you most like to have dinner with? My dream dinner party would include Gloria Steinem, Solange Knowles and the late Nora Ephron.

What advice would you give to anyone who’d like to follow your career path? Write, write and write. Just sit down at your laptop and do it. And keep doing it even when it feels like the hardest thing in the world or you think everything that comes out is terrible. Also, get on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Jessica Bennet, author of Feminist Fight Club



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