Pola Bunster: Director of Storytelling, Prism Creative Group

To say that the arts, culture and music scenes in Miami are changing is an understatement.  The cultural offerings in this city are growing at a blinding rate and it is in large part due to the passion, hard work and vision of culture lovers like Pola, who refuse to bound Miami to the limiting associations of leisure tourism.  As the Director of Storytelling, for the Prism Creative Group, Pola is at the center stage of the magical unfolding of Miami as a culturally rich city.  As an adoptive Miamian and a glutton consumer of all things culture, music and arts-related, I am enjoying what’s happening in this city and see what the magic hand of passionate locals like Pola is achieving.

Name: Pola Bunster

Job Title: Director of Storytelling, Prism Creative Group

Age: 26

City: Miami

The title Director of Storytelling sounds exciting and somehow romantic.  Describe your job in 2-3 sentences. From overseeing the editorial strategy and content of our three blogs (Prism and two clients), to newsletter content and event verbiage, I act as the overarching voice emanating from Prism at all times. Basically, It’s a whole lot of writing and talking—aka my two favorite things.



You have a background in Creative English and Theater.  What career path did you envision for yourself when pursuing your studies and how is your current role similar or different from your expectations?

It’s funny, every job and experience I’ve ever had can be seen in my work. I studied Theater because I wanted to work in film and had also been acting on stage since I was a kid—a family trait since my mother is a theater director and my grandmother is an actress in Chile. I studied English because I’ve always had an affinity with writing (always sharing my journal entries in English class) and it seemed like a good fit. What I do at Prism incorporates a lot of writing, but also much of the production design background I gained while studying theater as we actively try to be thoughtful in our physical experiences and initiatives.


What was your first job out of college?

I was a props designer for a local children’s theater called Area Stage Company.

Describe a day in your life.

I prefer to have a long and slow morning to myself so I can start the day stress-free. I hit the streets and run so that I can get my thoughts in order for the day, and then I snuggle with my cat a few times (purrs are therapeutic). The day then picks up from there, fast and full of meetings/writing pieces/creative brainstorming with Isabella, the Founder of Prism (and an amazing soul). Then it’s family time, which I find most important of all, with movies and wine to de-stress. End with some reading and more cat snuggling, and that’s about it in a nutshell!

Besides running and cat purrs therapy 🙂 what hobbies do you enjoy? Do you have any routines, rituals or practices that help you keep focused and motivated (meditation, spiritual practice, sports, etc.)?  

I think having a healthy amount of reading and listening to music can keep your brain and creative instincts alert. I love to cook and make things with my hands. I live at the beach when I can or exploring my city in every way possible. Traveling the world is also a passion of mine, discovering cultures and experiencing the dots that connect us as humans. Most importantly, I love to have profound conversations about life with friends and family, new or otherwise. Connecting with people verbally is my favorite thing to do in the entire world.


What would be the title to a book about your life?

Between the Lines or Cats are Nicer than You Think

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?

Be nice to everyone you meet, even if it seems hard and have to work on your inner patience. You never know who you will work with down the road, how your paths may cross again, or what you will need from them.

Are you living your dream life?

Many areas are pretty spectacular in their own right, but since I know that I am currently on my way to something even bigger, yeah I guess I could say I’m currently living a part of a dream. I want to connect with people and incite conversations and I get to do that every day.

Your choice of

A song – Something with a groove and catchy hook – “Claire de Lune” by Flight Facilities

A place – Something surrounded by nature, rich in history, and full of areas that welcome conversations and connection. Case in point: Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden here in Miami.

An inspiring woman in history – Coco Chanel.

Coco Chanel, Vogue. Douglas Kirkland.

Coco Chanel, Vogue. Douglas Kirkland.

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