Jessica Freites: Conduit

I find Jessica’s field incredibly fascinating and can not do it justice by attempting to introduce it too thoroughly.   What I will say is that as an avid meditator, I am a firm believer in the power of sounds, vibrations, energy, and music not only at a subconscious level but on a very palpable and physical realm.  Music and sounds have been a key component in my transitions through difficult stages in life.  Jessica’s work encompasses much more than the fact that music affects our mood drastically, it goes beyond that, it goes into healing and change, and empowering and connecting with others; it is pure magic.

Age– 31 years young

Profession or Passion – Life and all of its constituents. Conduit/Mystic/Healer/Teaching Artist/Artist

Where are you from? Earth – kind of. 🙂 Blood by way of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. NY foundation, Tampa rearing, Miami/NY rebirth. Miami is home now but New York will always be a special something to me.


Your friend and Visual Pop Artist Jenny Perez, when nominating you, mentioned you are a teaching artist, teaching children about sound therapy.  You’ve studied the effects that sound can have on the body and use this for healing purposes, correct? Could you tell us more about this fascinating field?  What exactly do you do?  Well, I make connections and help others make connections. As far as we know everything in our reality is vibrating, constantly in motion and constantly making a sound, whether we are aware of it or not. I find ways for my students to connect these dots within their own experiences and incorporate them into their creative processes; primarily through the mediums of sound, music, and movement but really through the medium of life itself.


How did you discover this field? This is not something they often tell us about in College Counseling! Was there an a-ha moment or did it naturally progress as your calling? There were a series of a-ha moments lol. My mother was big into occult studies and mysticism – she specifically studied astrology and tarot for decades – and so as a little girl I always learned to think in a way of observing connections – the ones we see and even more so, the ones we don’t.  Music was at the core of my personal therapeutic journey.  Whether it was playing piano, violin, singing, dancing, or writing, music was always the soundtrack. Music gave me permission to feel – and generally, it was too painful or awkward to do so.  At first, I went the route of the music industry – working on the business side (where the power lies) because I wanted to actually use its influence in a positive manner.  But well, the music biz is the music biz.  And I am a mystic.  And those two realms aren’t really harmonious. I needed something else. Desperately.

Life kicked my ass in every sense and I learned – the hard way – that I was a healer and creator – through my own journey.  

After various moments of clarity I embarked upon the field of sound healing and coupled it with the dormant artist that I had neglected for far too long…and well, here am I am.    


Could you give us an example of what you would consider a “success story”? Too many come to mind but really any time my students, or anyone at that is able to feel themselves physically when making or interacting with a sound and notices a change in their physical, emotional or mental state when doing so.

As a major goal, what would you like the impact of your work to be?  I want to provide the framework, the experience to penetrate the subconscious and impact how people view the interconnectedness that lies within themselves and their external realities.


What advice would you give to your 20-year old self?  Don’t take life so seriously. It could kill you. Pay attention. Act accordingly. Nothing more. Nothing less. Breathe.

If you could publish an autobiography, how would you title it? The Chronicles of Breath.

What is your definition of a “dream life”? Are you living yours? Hmmm…My dreams are pretty dynamic, so is life, and I like them that way. I want to live creating and definitely traveling more but as of right now I’m happy. I feel full. I experience the unexplainable, the magical, on a regular. So yes, I am.

Do you have any hobbies or daily practices that keep you motivated or centered? I meditate (sometimes silent, sometimes sound) and stretch every morning, create a little every day, yoga a few times a week and various physical activities on a regular basis.


What is your choice of each of the following:

A song – this is an impossible question, but the first song that comes to mind is “Umi Says” by Mos Def

A place – a treehouse in the jungle

An inspiring woman in history – Joan of Arc


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