Neyu Marques: Yogi Traveler

I came across Neyu just as I discover most of the amazing women I interview for this blog, through social media.  Her images are quite powerful and impressive. Her body works with yoga in a superior way, adopting forms that are beautiful and almost unreal.  One can’t help but have a reaction and much admiration to what the human body can do, if given the opportunity.  Without knowing much about her, I contacted Neyu for an interview, and to my delight and surprise, Neyu is from the island I spent some of the most beautiful and also some of the most life changing times I’ve experienced.  As I’ve done a few times in my life already, with a few suitcases, zero fears, many dreams and deeply in love, I moved to Menorca, Spain at the age of 21.  I left Menorca two years ago, and although I am very happy, I miss the island every single day, and I know I will be back one day.  It is a magical place.

Neyu has transcended the paradise island of Menorca and is now a yogi citizen of the world.  Besides her body’s beautiful shapes, she also has a beautiful soul full of joy and happiness.

Meet the lovely Neyu:

How did your yoga path start?

Last year, when I was living in San Diego, a friend invited me to join a beach yoga class.  The truth is I didn’t think it would be my kind of practice; I had the wrong idea of yoga, but I still agreed to join her.  As soon as the session started, I fell in love with yoga.  I had found my passion!  Since then, yoga has been my lifestyle.

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Besides traveling and yoga, what other things are you passionate about?

I am passionate about children, their curiosity and desire to learn.  I used to be a teacher, and it is a career that I also enjoyed very much.  I also love everything related to a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle.  Dance and any other activity that allows me to develop my creativity is part of my hobbies.  I also enjoy reading and writing when I need something a little less active.


Where do you live at the moment?

Everywhere! LOL, I don’t have a base anywhere.  Today I am in Bali, a month ago I was in Thailand and in two days I am leaving for Hawaii.  If I ever feel the need to go back home, my home is Menorca.



How would you title a book about your life?

Following a dream with love and gratitude.

What piece of advice would you give to the 20-year-old Neyu?

Don’t let anyone make you feel less.  You are worth more than you think, search within yourself, bring out your full  potential, be generous, grateful and never ever give up.



Do you live your dream life?

Absolutely yes!  That is my life philosophy: to listen to my heart, to follow my dreams and to be happy.  I don’t need much, I don’t care about the material aspects, I just need to be surrounded by good-hearted people to share the beauty that nature offers us.


A song: All will be well, Gabe Dixon Band

A place where you find peace: To wake up at a deserted beach

An inspiring woman in history: My mother, who despite having lived a difficult life, has always been there, doing it all for her children, always delivering goodness, love, and gratitude.



Find out more about this impressive yogi on her Instagram, her Facebook account, and her personal website.

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