Taline Gabrielian, Mother, Food Entrepeneur & Founder of Hippie Lane

It’s very exciting to see what’s going on with food these days, just by taking a quick look at Instagram, our mouths are watering at scrumptious foods that are handcrafted to perfection using only the freshest, healthiest and ethically sourced options available, often times taking previously non-traditional, but very trendy routes such as gluten-free and vegan ingredients.  Taline Gabrielian not only masters to create beautiful and exquisite sweet treats, but she throws in her love for fashion and style into the mixture.  The result: Treats with Edge, as her website Hippie Lane perfectly describes them.  With a solid figure of 260K Instargam followers, her work and presence in any healthy eats-related hashtag and conversation is influential, to say the least.

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After being diagnosed with food intolerances, Taline Gabrielian turn that little challenge into a major life-changing career.  Her sweet tooth and cravings for healthy treats lead her to play around, making dairy, eggs, sugar and nuts-free recipes.  Each of her Instagram posts with appetizing pictures of her treats was followed by countless questions, positive feedback and a demand for more, which gave her the confidence to develop the Hippie Lane app, reaching record-breaking sales in no time.


Interestingly, Taline’s academic background is in counseling and she holds a master’s in teaching.  She also worked as a waitress, in retail, at an office and even as a barista. Sooooo relatable! How many of us haven’t worked at least one of these jobs (if not all!) to get by.  In another interview, Taline explains “my followers led the way, and I just followed suit“, which only confirms my theory that if we embrace life challenges -such as a food intolerance diagnosis-

if we just let go, life takes us to wonderful places.

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She has graciously created a healthy, active, successful and very photogenic life for us to admire and get some inspiration to do our own thing,  do more of what makes us happy. Taline gave us 5 minutes of her time to answer a few questions:

One of your favorite HippieLane moments:

Landing the raw wagon wheel recipe that I was working so hard to master.

If you could teach your children one MOTTO to live by, what would it be?

Whatever you do, do it with passion

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How would you title your autobiography?

Pay Attention.

What is one thing you can’t go to sleep without doing?

Planning the next day

A dish you enjoy making

My breakfast bowls

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A place where you feel happy

In nature

A woman who inspires you

Christine Centenera, Vogue Magazine


Thank you, Taline <3

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