Aran Goyoaga: Food Writer, Stylist & Photographer

This beautiful and talented woman is from a very magical place, the Basque Country, in the north of Spain.  The land, the people, the culture and even the language are mysterious, nostalgic and melancholic in a very beautiful way.  This is exactly the feeling that seeing her food and lifestyle photography images evokes in me, a sense of delight, coziness, calmness and being ‘home’.  Her start is somewhat similar to the lovely story of Taline, who created an amazing lifestyle and career from the search for gluten free and healthy little treat recipes.  Aran is the food writer behind Cannelle et Vanille and the author of Small Plates and Sweet Treats, and mother of two.

Did you plan this beautiful professional outcome from the start, or did it evolve through the process?

I had no idea that what I am doing today for a living was even a possibility. It honestly grew out of doing something everyday and little planning.
What was your dream career?

I didn’t have one for the longest time. When I was little I wanted to be an engineer. Then as a teenager I just wanted to be around music in whichever capacity I could. I always knew I loved cooking but I didn’t even imagine a career in it, let alone photographing food.

What is your favorite aspect of this career/lifestyle?

The flexibility to take projects that I love and then other times projects that bring a paycheck. I like navigating work at my own pace and how I feel. It is a true luxury. Plus I get to travel and meet so many interesting people.

What advice would you give to aspiring aspiring food and lifestyle photographers to succeed?

It’s so hard for me to give advice to people in any way… I think it’s really important to work on the things you love but also take projects that will put you in touch with interesting people. I think taking initiative is really important.

Tell us a “motto” you live by

My grandmother used to always say two things that I think about all the time … Mañana será otro día (tomorrow will be another day) and Nunca dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy (don’t leave for tomorrow what you can accomplish today).

Congratulations on your book “Small Plates and Sweet Treats”! I notice you describe it as your “first book”. Are you working on a second one?  I have been photographing other authors’ books but I have not started working on my second one. Maybe soon.

Tell us…
A song you love. So many! Impossible to pick. I am like the film High Fidelity. A top ten for different moments.
A place where you find peace. On the Basque coast in the winter.
A person who inspires you. Both my mother and my father – for very different reasons. They make one pretty perfect whole.


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