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What or who inspired you to do what you do? Probably a combination of my Grandmother and my sister, with no disrespect to my Mother who is one of my greatest inspirations. But my Grandma Ruth worshipped her Grandchildren and showered us with love in a way that only a grandmother can.

She made us believe that life was ours for the taking and that we were perfect, infallible gifts from God who could do anything, make anything, be anything.

Alongside my brilliant sister who has lived her entire life not giving a second thought to anyone else’s judgements of her, shining in the face of adversity and manifesting a life and a family that most people would never imagine possible for themselves, I’d say I had some pretty great role models writing their own “create your dream life” manifesto which inspired me to do the same.

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Do you have any routines, rituals or practices that help you keep focused and motivated — Every morning I wake up with my partner around 6am and we do our “5 steps for happiness” before getting out of bed:

1. Express gratitude

2. Forgive ourselves for something from yesterday

3. Set an intention for today

4. Take three deep breaths

5. Smile for no reason!

Then we go to the beach for either a surf or a run/workout/yoga practice + meditation. I try to meditate for 10-20 minutes every morning or before I go to bed 4-5 days a week. I honestly believe that just a few minutes of silence and gratitude each day can change your entire outlook on life.


What would be the title to a book about your life?

The first thing that popped into my mind — “Chasing Stardust” haha! It may sound like a cliche hippy title but it actually has a lot of meaning for me. My whole life I’ve been so driven, but not in the same sense as my fellow, career driven American peers, fighting to be the best or the smartest or make the most money out of college. I’m not driven to achieve, I’m driven to be inspired; to be blown away, to see new things and take chances, to have my intuition challenged and my values tested, to dance in the moonlight, skinny dip in foreign seas, have my heart broken only to fall in love in the most unexpected sense and mend it again…anything that makes me feel alive, as though I am immersed in the magic of the universe, dancing amongst the total unpredictability of life — THAT is what I crave. And I just really love David Bowie 🙂

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What advice would you give to your 20 year old self? GO FOR IT! Don’t be scared, don’t hide behind the falsities of “security”, learn to know yourself by thriving in the land of the unknown.

Are you living your dream life? Absoutely

A song you love – Well since I already mentioned my Bowie obsession, I’ll go with “Space Oddity,” a song about venturing into the unknown for fear of the complacent alternative.


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