Vicki Archer: Writer


Name & Place of Origin

Vicki Archer, Australia

Life accomplishments 
I like to think of myself as a work in progress but to date my greatest accomplishments are those of wife, mother and friend.
I have been involved in the fashion business, published a couple of books and I write a lifestyle blog dedicated to all things French. Into the mix add a life long passion for building and renovation.
My goal for the future is to continue searching for new projects, to keep learning and to never be afraid of what’s new or different. I believe that facing change and remaining flexible are the ways to stay engaged and enthusiastic about life.
For self-inspiration, your choice of…
A place
The place I feel most creative and most inspired is our olive farm in Saint Rémy de Provence in France. Moving to Europe, falling in love with an old, abandoned fruit farm and making it ours has been a very long journey, but one that allows me to believe that anything is possible even when you least expect it.



A song
Pianist Ludivico Einaudi… not exactly one song but his music is transporting…
A dish
Thai cuisine is the food that inspires me. The ingredients are both sharp and gentle, sweet and sour… yet the fine combinations and the harmony of the flavors are nothing short of a miracle to the taste buds.
An inspiring woman
The women of today inspire me. We have it all but we also do it all… It’s a fine balance and it is a constant challenge. I applaud all women who know their own minds and who are the masters of their own destinies.
A book or a film
The book, The Count of Monte Christo… is my all time favorite read. Alexandre Dumas, a master storyteller, weaves a magical tale of adventure, of revenge and of true romance… I have lost count of the times I have read this story, but each time the twists and turns in the plot manage to fire up my imagination and re-enthuse my love of the written word.
A Hobby
Watching movies… A rainy afternoon, a roaring fire and a great film… My idea of heaven…
A word
Forgiveness… Such a simple word but to be forgiving is one of the hardest qualities of all… and to forgive is one of the greatest gifts we can offer.



To inspire & motivate others
Happiest moment
It’s hard to define… ‘Happy’ can be something so small, so intangible… it might be the taste of summer’s first ripened fig or the sight of winter’s first snowflake…‘Happy’ can be totally overwhelming, life-changing and encompassing… like the birth of a child…
I can’t think of one happiest moment… I am so fortunate to have had many… I have gorgeous children and I am loved by the most wonderful man… no one deserves more than that… but I do remember a particular day standing in the French countryside, taking in the glorious view, breathing deeply and thinking… I feel happy; this is what happy looks like.

What or who motivated you to do what you do?
My love of all things French, my enthusiasm for fashion and my passion for interiors have motivated me to start my blog FRENCH ESSENCE. Like a live journal, it enables me to record my thoughts and keep in touch with my readers… and that is the best part of all… connecting with so many like-minded Francophiles all over the world.
What advice would you give to yourself if you were to start pursuing your career again?
Follow your dreams; own your ideas and do what the heart says not what the brain dictates…

Please choose
Books or the Internet
Books… always books. They have been my greatest friends for a very long time and even though I am totally addicted to the Internet, if I had to choose I could not forgo my old friends…

Countryside or seaside
The countryside… as long as you can drive to the sea… Growing up in Sydney means swimming is second nature… perhaps that is why I am so enamored with the countryside nowadays…

Travel by boat, plane, train or car
Car… I love the freedom of deciding when and where… No rules and regulations of what to pack… The open road and a great companion… There is nothing more fun than a road trip…

Tea or coffee {or wine}
I adore coffee but I drink tea… and wine… wine is the perfect dink for any occasion…

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