Miya Ando-Artist

For self-inspiration, your choice of…

A place – Any place that combines forest and ocean, my favorites are Big Sur, Miyajima, Kauai & Bali – of course my hometowns, Santa Cruz and Okayama
A song –Tears from the Compound Eye by Boards of Canada.
A dish – grilled shishito pepers
An inspiring woman – I feel really blessed to have so many amazing women around me, but I think mostly my big sister, Aviva Stanoff, she is an incredibly strong, creative, beautiful and kind soul.
A book or a film – ‘Dreams’ by Akira Kurosawa
A hobby – right now I am enjoying watching my tiny garden outside my apartment grow… vegetables and flowers.
A word – Omoiyari (Japanese) “to think about and do for others”
A motto you try to live by – “Follow the path of the 8-fold Dharma”

To inspire & motivate others
Happiest memory – All involve looking around and seeing my siblings and family and friends and loved ones sitting around…also holding hands with my beloved, especially when we travel to different countries.
‘Not so happy’ memory – It’s become less unhappy over the years, but there was once a drowning experience in the pacific ocean while I was in the middle of a bialthalon.
What or who motivated you to do what you do? My family believes in me but my motivation is more spiritual and comes from within.
What advice would you give to yourself if you were to start all over again? Wear gloves and a breather when working with chemicals.
When you ___are calm and focused___ you feel everything is possible.
Please choose
Books or the Internet – can I say my ipad because it has both?
Countryside or seaside – seaside
Travel by boat, plane, train or car – plane
Tea or coffee {or wine) It’s a tie between green tea, coffee with soy milk & champagne

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