Natasha Sagardia-Bodyboarding World Champion


Name & Place of Origin
Born in Argentina, in a city called Rio Cuarto. My home is Puerto Rico, but I feel I belong to the world.


Stay at Puerto Rico by myself at 16 years old with the dream of becoming Bodyboarding world champion, which I achieve in 2008.  My biggest accomplishment wasn’t the result, it was the way I walked to achieve the dream.  I feel so strong and powerful after all the process I went through. I never gave up school, I graduated from college with honors, I traveled the world competing and was married and divorced thought that time. I worked as a clown, landscaping and as a bartender before 16 and after all that adventure I maintained my essence.
I conquered some of my deepest fears and forced myself to keep going after my dreams. Today I am my biggest accomplishment because after these experiences, new steps are coming, but I am sure I can handle each one of them.

Nowadays I am producing diverse cultural and sports international events. I have a production company, CLEO. My partner, Bianca Gorbea is an incredible woman. I am also involved in a non-profit organization that helps low income kids around the island with sport clinics and motivational seminars. I often work for the government of Puerto Rico as a motivational speaker and impact more than ten thousand high school students per year. Further, I am the Women’s Bodyboarding World Tour Director, which is a challenging position.


A day in your life
It depends on the month, but normally will start with a Yaucono Coffee, then I take a look at the ocean, surf or simply head to San Juan (Puerto Rico’s capital) and make companies or people fall in love with my projects, business, sports and production. I live an hour from San Juan, in a small town call Barceloneta. Which is a mix between the ocean and countryside. I love to get back in the afternoon and watch the sunset from my porch with my four street dogs.

For self-inspiration, your choice of…
A place: The river, Ciales, at the Toro Negro community. Were I can get lost from all the city sounds and feel free with the mountains.

A song  Persiana Americana, Soda Stereo.

An inspiring woman So many in diverse areas but Rosa Parks, Rigoberta Menchu, Teresa De Calcutta, Frida Kahlo, My Mom and all those woman’s that just do what they want even when it looks almost impossible.
A book or a film Amelie

A hobby Writing.

A word Abuelo (Spanish for Grandfather)

A motto The past

What or who motivated you to do what you do? The future, the image of what it could be. The love of the memories and the pleasure of the experiences, each one new and challenging , and falling in love.

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?
“Years from now, everything that looks so terrible, will be a good laugh ”

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